Print & Make Original Products Using Your Instagram Photos


When you want to create a note to remind you of something, you can use your mobile phone to record it and take it with you. Or if you prefer your friends help you remember, you can share via Twitter, especially if you use this service as a social micro-blog. However, if you want to leave this note to someone else, the safest thing is to write it down on paper and post it in a visible place. To make this more entertaining and visually appealing Stickygram is here.


This site allows you to print your photos from Instagram and create custom magnets to leave notes, highlight documents or just decorate the place you want. As elsewhere, you only need to connect with your Instagram account to select the photos you want to make magnets. Once you have chosen, Stickygram will send to you after confirming your order.

Visually the magnets are of similar size which are your photos on your mobile phone i.e. 5cm X 5cm. In other words, not too big but not too small to be overlooked.

If you want to decorate your house, room or office, or if you are looking for a personalized gift for someone special, I invite you to use Stickygram.


If you use your iPhone to access the Internet as well as sending messages and take photos, surely you know how important it is to keep it in good condition. A phone with these characteristics is part of our daily lives and allows us to connect 24 hours a day with family, friends and work. Therefore, it is important to care and protect it accordingly.

To help with this, there is Casetagram. With this site, you can create a protective case for your iPhone using the same photos that you have taken using Instagram. In this way, you can have a custom case that is not sold in any store, which will be created and designed by you.


Doing all this is very easy. You must first log in to the site using your account on Instagram and then import your photos and you must choose the design you want for them. Finally, you must confirm your order and Casetagram will send your new custom case to the address you choose.

Check out the gallery of designs of Casetagram to see cases that others have created and find inspiration to design your own. You can use as a guide sites to see and share photos from Instagram, since they will present a grid with your latest photos, which will serve as part of your case. Stand out and dress your iPhone as you want.


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