Social Media Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies have evolved over the years and today, one that stands out prominently is social media marketing. Social media networks have boomed in the past few years and taking advantage of this surge of interest is what businesses are doing.



Self-employed individuals, start-ups small businesses and large corporations are all relying on it to create greater brand awareness. However, despite its ability to build customer bases and push sales, social media marketing still requires one to utilize smart strategies. In the midst of so many people making use of it, it pays to know how to leverage it effectively.

Publish consistently

An effective social media marketing strategy is to post content regularly. Subscribers sign up with a business’s social media profile in order to stay updated on the latest trends and news. Failing to satisfy this demand can discourage them and cause the subscriber base to decline. Publishing engaging content daily can help ensure a steady and loyal following.

Publish applicable content

Creating content that’s applicable to a brand’s business is vital. While it’s important to keep content updated, it’s just as important to post content that’s relevant to a business’s products and services. Subscribers are quickly put off by posts that have little to do with what a brand is about or offers.

Engage with customers

Engaging with customers is more than publishing content. It also includes interacting with them and being responsive to their queries. Messages need to be replied to and complaints addressed quickly. The more responsive a business is, the stronger its customer base. One way to facilitate closer relations with subscribers is to pay attention to what they post and occasionally mention and share it.

Connect with influencers

Social media platforms have massive subscriber bases, some of whom are hugely influential individuals and entities. Connecting with them can, in turn, help build brand image and accelerate conversions. Acknowledging their content and sharing it with one’s own social media followers is a simple way to buy followers on instagram to get notice. Hence, while direct promotion is sometimes necessary for any business, it can also have a negative effect. By creating relations and maintaining them instead, businesses can see sales grow and can sustain them.

Stick to a time

Social media networks may see users going online at different times of the day but it’s important to find the right time to connect with them. Ideally, 1 pm to 3 pm is considered optimal. Choosing the right days is also important. B2B companies are recommended to post between Monday and Friday while B2C companies can gain more by posting on Wednesdays and weekends.

Keep abreast of trends

There’s currently a demand for video content that’s concise, relevant, and attractive. However, this is expected to change with videos getting shorter. Brands want to ensure their target audience is seeing their ads and are revising their marketing strategy to ensure the same.
All businesses stand to gain from social media marketing provided they know how to take advantage of it. In this age where information is churned out every second of the day, it pays to stay ahead of the competition.