Social Media Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies have evolved over the years and today, one that stands out prominently is social media marketing. Social media networks have boomed in the past few years and taking advantage of this surge of interest is what businesses are doing.



Self-employed individuals, start-ups small businesses and large corporations are all relying on it to create greater brand awareness. However, despite its ability to build customer bases and push sales, social media marketing still requires one to utilize smart strategies. In the midst of so many people making use of it, it pays to know how to leverage it effectively.

Publish consistently

An effective social media marketing strategy is to post content regularly. Subscribers sign up with a business’s social media profile in order to stay updated on the latest trends and news. Failing to satisfy this demand can discourage them and cause the subscriber base to decline. Publishing engaging content daily can help ensure a steady and loyal following.

Publish applicable content

Creating content that’s applicable to a brand’s business is vital. While it’s important to keep content updated, it’s just as important to post content that’s relevant to a business’s products and services. Subscribers are quickly put off by posts that have little to do with what a brand is about or offers.

Engage with customers

Engaging with customers is more than publishing content. It also includes interacting with them and being responsive to their queries. Messages need to be replied to and complaints addressed quickly. The more responsive a business is, the stronger its customer base. One way to facilitate closer relations with subscribers is to pay attention to what they post and occasionally mention and share it.

Connect with influencers

Social media platforms have massive subscriber bases, some of whom are hugely influential individuals and entities. Connecting with them can, in turn, help build brand image and accelerate conversions. Acknowledging their content and sharing it with one’s own social media followers is a simple way to buy followers on instagram to get notice. Hence, while direct promotion is sometimes necessary for any business, it can also have a negative effect. By creating relations and maintaining them instead, businesses can see sales grow and can sustain them.

Stick to a time

Social media networks may see users going online at different times of the day but it’s important to find the right time to connect with them. Ideally, 1 pm to 3 pm is considered optimal. Choosing the right days is also important. B2B companies are recommended to post between Monday and Friday while B2C companies can gain more by posting on Wednesdays and weekends.

Keep abreast of trends

There’s currently a demand for video content that’s concise, relevant, and attractive. However, this is expected to change with videos getting shorter. Brands want to ensure their target audience is seeing their ads and are revising their marketing strategy to ensure the same.
All businesses stand to gain from social media marketing provided they know how to take advantage of it. In this age where information is churned out every second of the day, it pays to stay ahead of the competition.

Print & Make Original Products Using Your Instagram Photos

Do you know you can create magnets, shirts, pillowcases and creative products with your own Instagram photos? Some years ago, a way to share and show your photos to friends was through physical copies. Today, millions are shared digitally, in networks such as Flickr, Facebook and of course, Instagram. While there are several options for printing your digital photos, until recently there were no alternatives to bring your Instagram photos to the physical world.


By the sites I present here you can not only obtain printed copies of your Insta-photos, but also create magnets, stickers, T-shirts or sweatshirts, and even covers for your mobile phone. Know them and start today using your photos even more creatively.

Social Print Studio

If you like using Instagram, but sometimes think you would have printed photos instead of digital, the Social Print Studio site is for you. The easiest way to describe it is as a service to print your photos from Instagram in the middle you want.

Here you can send to print your photos individually, as if it were any other photo service, but with certain characteristics that make it a special place. One of its services, called Miniprints will deliver mini-photos printed as if they were cards. Another option called Memory Box which will deliver a box containing all the photos you have taken on Instagram.


You will also have the opportunity to create photographic mini-books for better finishing and group a specific set of photographs. And if you want to hang your pictures in your room, the Print option lets you print a poster full size.

And if that's not enough, you can also dress up in your photos. Social Print Studio offers a service in which you have the option to print one of your favorite photos on a shirt. Thus, you have a unique piece of clothing you have created yourself. Social Print Studio is an interesting alternative to consider.

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Another alternative that you count to print images and magnets is PrintingGram. This service was developed from Spain and also has distribution worldwide. Its developers say that over time more products will be added based on Instagram photos.


As with other services to create your own products, you must log in with your Instagram account. Once you are done, select the images you want and place your order. Depending on where you are, your order will be delayed a few days or weeks to arrive in account. Therefore, if you are looking for a gift for a special occasion, I recommend you place your order in advance. If you have problems, you can contact PrintingGram which can be an important decision factor if you do not feel comfortable using other similar sites.

See more services in the next blog post.

Print & Make Original Products Using Your Instagram Photos


When you want to create a note to remind you of something, you can use your mobile phone to record it and take it with you. Or if you prefer your friends help you remember, you can share via Twitter, especially if you use this service as a social micro-blog. However, if you want to leave this note to someone else, the safest thing is to write it down on paper and post it in a visible place. To make this more entertaining and visually appealing Stickygram is here.


This site allows you to print your photos from Instagram and create custom magnets to leave notes, highlight documents or just decorate the place you want. As elsewhere, you only need to connect with your Instagram account to select the photos you want to make magnets. Once you have chosen, Stickygram will send to you after confirming your order.

Visually the magnets are of similar size which are your photos on your mobile phone i.e. 5cm X 5cm. In other words, not too big but not too small to be overlooked.

If you want to decorate your house, room or office, or if you are looking for a personalized gift for someone special, I invite you to use Stickygram.


If you use your iPhone to access the Internet as well as sending messages and take photos, surely you know how important it is to keep it in good condition. A phone with these characteristics is part of our daily lives and allows us to connect 24 hours a day with family, friends and work. Therefore, it is important to care and protect it accordingly.

To help with this, there is Casetagram. With this site, you can create a protective case for your iPhone using the same photos that you have taken using Instagram. In this way, you can have a custom case that is not sold in any store, which will be created and designed by you.


Doing all this is very easy. You must first log in to the site using your account on Instagram and then import your photos and you must choose the design you want for them. Finally, you must confirm your order and Casetagram will send your new custom case to the address you choose.

Check out the gallery of designs of Casetagram to see cases that others have created and find inspiration to design your own. You can use as a guide sites to see and share photos from Instagram, since they will present a grid with your latest photos, which will serve as part of your case. Stand out and dress your iPhone as you want.


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